🙄 Here He Goes With This Newsletter Again

Happy Sunday.

Consistency can be hard. It's about showing up every single day, and this struggle is common to us all. As many of you know, I've been aiming to send this newsletter every Sunday, but sometimes I miss a week, a month, or even a year. Perfectionism often holds me back, as I want everything to be just right. But I've realized that seeking perfection can actually hinder my consistency. So here we are, another Sunday, another newsletter.

Inside, you'll find some cool updates, like our application for the black empowerment grant and plans to convert our retail space into a classroom. It's all part of our mission to make our ancestors proud and to show up consistently, even if imperfectly. I hope you had a great week, and I wish you an even better one to come. Until next Sunday, enjoy these musings. Peace.



📣 Updates from the Hill

🎓 Black Empowerment Grant: We've applied for a grant to transform our retail store into a classroom. This space will help students and social entrepreneurs go from idea to action! View our application here.

🎉 The $18.65 Sale: All the t-shirts on the site are now priced at $18.65 - Shop Now

👕 Back to School: We've added more colorways for our "Believe in Black Colleges" collection.


🎤 Music - If you’re into R&B and Soul, check out “Watch The Sun Live: The Mansion Sessions” by PJ Morton. It’s a real vibe, and my favorite track is “Good Morning.” Listen here.

📼 Culture - I recently stumbled upon an Instagram video showcasing an estate sale filled with racial stereotypes and tropes being sold. It's both unbelievable and a poignant reminder of the discussions surrounding American history and the ongoing issues within our country. It underscores why we still face certain challenges and how much work remains to be done.

🎥 Leadership & Life - The CMO of Netflix shares her insights on work-life balance, intuition, personal tragedies, and career growth in this YouTube video. Her journey and reflections offer valuable lessons on resilience, self-awareness, and the pursuit of greatness. It's a must-watch for anyone looking to understand the complexities of balancing personal life and a high-flying career.

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